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About Us

Broxcomputers is information technology company providing high quality services and products, we specialized in software development, where we develop range of software both web based, desktop and mobile applications (especially Android apps). Also we provide other services such computer maintenance, software installation, networking, graphics designs, computers & data security and data recovery.

We are located in Arusha - Tanzania though we operate across the country and soon we will open our branch at Dar Es Salaam. for more information do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below

Our Services

Broxcomputers offers range of exclusive services.

Software Development

Broxcomputers specialized in software development, where it has developed range of softwares such as Explora Health Care, an Electronic medical record, Students Enrollment system, Shops and retail store point of sales, Android applications such as Young African football app and many more.

Web Designs

We also have exclusive web design experts such as web site you are looking at, our unique and latest techniques gives you attractive and simple design to operate even for non computer geeks users, quite different from native web designs which need to study complex platforms such as joomla, wordpress and others.

Graphics Designs

Our graphics experts will give tremendously graphics design for your web site, blog, brochure, business card, bunners or any other promotional or informative material that require high quality design and printing, we also print promotional material in much affordable way but with astonishing printout quality.


Setting up networks, troubleshooting network, configuration of servers and network devices also we can help you with, do not hasitate to contact us for our best services.

Computer Maintenance & Repair

Also we have special team which can help you with your broken computer, fixing , replacing hardware, installation of software and also operating systems.

Computer & Data Security

In making sure data of its client are secure and protected, we install anti-viruses, cleaning and provide consultation on security of your data and computer ingeneral.

Our Web Designs

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Please do not hasitate to contant us for any enquiry.

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Broxcomputers, Arusha

Mobile: +255 717 759 610 / +255 759 191 348

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Address : 16599 Meru, Arusha - TANZANIA.


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