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A domain is an actual presence on the Internet, such as a web page. A domain name is a substitute that replaces the Internet Protocol (IP) address, an address which tells where your web page is stored. For example, we can replace the IP address with a domain name such as www.broxcomputers.com. with only one purpose “to help visitors locate your web site with minimal effort. Your web domain name is your identity on the Internet and should be distinctive enough to set you apart from your competition while being descriptive enough to impart important information about you or your organization”
Making the translation from an IP address to a domain name is accomplished through the Domain Name System (DNS). Using our previous example, you can see that it is much easier to remember the domain name than the IP address.

Broxcomputers we help you to acquire your internet identification (domain) in much easy and affordable way.

Domain names need to be renewed on a yearly basis. so we will always be there to help you achieve this and you wont even notice.