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Explora Erp is enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. Explora erp focus-industries are retail, services, manufacturing, financial services, and the other public sector. It contains modules such as:

  • Point of sale: a module which enables retails and wholesale stores to manage their sales and operations whether is credit or cash sales
  • Expense Manager: which enables business to records its expenses
  • Accounting Package: with invoices, petty cash, payment voucher, financial statements and other accounting functionalities.
  • Payroll: this is one of important modules in any business as preparation of paychecks plays very important role in business health. However, this module gives you all payroll reports, banks reports, payee, social security & insurance reports and much more.
  • HRM: complete human resource manager (hrm) with attendance manager (using biometric fingerprint)
  • Production Manager: which helps firms with production lines to manage their production activities including requisition of raw materials, production costs, production plans and others
  • CRM: customer relation manager (CRM) modules plays major role in managing customers including tracking sales from each customer, appointments and feedback.
  • Store manager: helps with all store management activities such as requesting items at store and stock control at store.
  • Purchases: help to manage all sort of purchases , from raw material to other office use items
  • Asset Manager: Helps to control assets with thin organization including depreciation issues, issuing and monitoring of assets.