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Health care known as HCare is general purpose hospital management system designed by African for Africa to work perfectly in African environments.
The system designed to cutoff use papers as to rander health facilities paperless in Africa.
Its user friendness and easy to use interface makes it ideal for any health facility starting from dispensary to lager hospitals.
System contains crucial modules such as:
-outpatient module, a module which facilitate easy checking and treatment of patient via computer, it includes sections as reception,vital station, billing, doctors, laboratory, pharmacy and stores.

-inpatient module, which includes all admission  issues,wards management and complete ipd management.

However the system perfectly work with all clinics, such as dental, eye,gynecology and others.
Also system work with insurance schemes with easy, such nhif and others.

System also enable stock control via its inventory modules which includes purchase, requisition and stock transfers.

System comes with abundant of reports, all mtuha reports for Tanzania government reports are available, entity reports for insurance schemes gives relieve in report preparation, stock report, collection repoet, attendance report and much more.

Additional, the system can be integrated to explora erp for other administrative operations such as accounting package, payroll, hrm, expenses manager, assets and others.