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//Microfinance Manager

Microfinance Manager

Explora microfinance is excellent package which enables any microfinance to achieve all its operation  digital,  giving you  tremendously financial  reports with easy.

Explora microfinance can work well on:-

-Microfinance institutions and firm of any size

-saccoss organisazitions

-vikoba and any group focused performing such roles



in microfinance, explora helps in creating borrowers list,  as main core of microfinance, explora enables operator to create loan (loan application) for particular borrower, through approval process selected by client,  such loan application  will pass to all process before being  ready for final process and loan schedule printing.

After loan creation other process will  follow, such as loan repayment in loan specified dates.

The system contains fantastic report which will give operator simplicity she/he needs.  Microfinance reports includes not limited to:-

– loans repayments expected

– pending loans repayment

– total collection

– active loans summary

– aging reports

– borrower loan summary

– portfolio report


However,  microfinance module can be integrated with main explora erp as to obtain other modules such as  accounting package, payroll and others. This will give our client access  to all financial reports including but not limited to balance sheet, statement of profit or loss, cash flow,  trial balance and many more.




as for all other institutions which work in similar mode as saccoss, explora work the same as for microfinance except for these category there is additional of maintaining of akiba/saving, hisa/shares, amana/deposit and other collection as per client needs.

So as to say,  with explora you will be enabled to track all member contributions with easy.

Additionally you will get all members reports,  such as total contributions for each member.


However as for all category, explora enables easy tracking, handling and alerting of fines and penalties of any type.

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